Digging at Diamond Hill

Here at the Diamond Hill Mine you will have a rare opportunity to dig your own crystals. We do not “salt” or toss out crystals in the dumps so you can find. Here at Diamond Hill, it is all “unsalted”, meaning everything you will find came from this actual mine. You will have many dump/spoil piles to search through, or you may dig in the virgin areas, this means you can actually find your own crystals where they formed over 400 million years ago!

It is not uncommon for people to take home a car load of crystals and clusters in one single day! You will not find much amethyst as it is more rare, but most people find at least a piece or two, but some find much! Visit our picture page to see some of the most recent finds by visitors.

What You Will Need For Digging
1.Gloves, a thin yet durable pair. A great type are thin garden type with rubber or poly palms.
2.Tools you might use; shovel, rake, rock hammer, sledge hammer, pick.
3.Boxes or flats to carry and store your finds in until you get home.
4.Newspaper or similar for stuffing/packing in case of some better finds so they don’t get damaged.
5.Drinks, food, snacks
6.Sunscreen if summer, first aid kit for scrapes that might occur!
7.A big smile! If you don’t have one, you will soon after finding your crystal treasures!

These are all optional tips, I would highly suggest at least bringing a pair of gloves although they are not required. Only shirt and shoes are required as well as no open toe shoes or barefoot digging!

Frequent Questions with Answers
Q: How long and where can we dig?

A: You can dig from daylight until dark if you have current signed waivers. Digging is allowed anywhere on property unless marked and no digging in parking area please.